Articles & Papers

Gustav Metzger in King’s Lynn, article published in Studio International 2019

Exhibition Review of AI More than Human at the Barbican, published in Studio International 2019

From Mind to Machine, computer drawing in art history catalogue essay for the Mayor Gallery, 2018

Cybernetic Serendipity: History and Lasting Legacy article for Studio International, 2018

Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers review for Studio International, 2018

Computer Art Review of the Year for BCS publication Digital Leaders, May 2015

Jeremy Gardiner Unfolding Landscape Book Review in The Art Quarterly, June 2013

Computer Arts radio interview on Front Row BBC Radio 4, 16 November 2012

Computer Image of the Month a regular column I wrote from 2011-2014 for the British Computer Society’s website and ITNow magazine.

Towards a History of Kinetic art in Britain Chapter writtten for Kinetica Museum, 2011(warning: large PDF!)

The Fortieth Anniversary Of Event One Paper given at EVA London, 2009

Towards A History Of The Digital Print In Britain Paper given at the Personalised Surface Event at the V&A, with Paul Coldwell and Michael Craig-Martin, 2009. Also published in book THE PERSONALISED SURFACE : New Approaches to Digital Printmaking

Bits in Motion Catalogue/Programme for the event at the NFT on 7th March 2006

RE-SEARCHING OUR ORIGINS Leonardo Electronic Almanac Special Issue April 2005, co-edited with Paul Brown

Rewriting His Story: Feminist art practices since 1970 University of London ULEMHAS Review, Birkbeck Continuing Education History of Art Society 2004

Routes Towards British Computer Arts: Educational institutions Page 57, Summer 2004, Bulletin of the Computer Arts Society

A Computer in the Art Room Paper presented at CHArt conference, November 2004 This paper is published in Futures Past: Thirty Years of Arts Computing (Intellect, 2008)

CACHe Project Special Issue of PAGE A research project in theDepartment of History of Art and Screen Media at Birkbeck, University of London