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A Computer in the Art Room synopsis

Catherine Mason deserves our full congratulations for publishing this readable important account of the unwritten history of creative computing in the arts in Britain.  As first a fellow travelling observer in the Department of Design Research at the RCA, and then a practitioner and advocate, who had the benefit of being influenced by some of the key characters remembered here, the book reads like part of my personal memory ‘but it makes me realise how fortunate I was’ but also how shamefully under-supported these breakthrough initiatives were. The common thread here is genius swimming against the tide. No wonder the book has so many threads that end in curtailed funding, closed departments and migration of the experts. Compare this to Waldrop’s biography of Licklider in the Dream Machine and the lack of support for innovation, limited by the British polity is a classical tragedy

Tim Martin

In Hong Kong, courtesy Charlotte Frost
In a library, Hong Kong (courtesy Charlotte Frost)